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Date : 6th March 2014
T-shirt Activity- This activity was a take home activity where children and teachers put their hand prints on the t-shirt bearing a message. 
Green week- one whole week was as celebrated as green week. Children were introduced to green colour by mixing blue and yellow colour in their palms. Lots of colouring, craft and other activities were done to reinforce the colour concept. Children also prepared a headgear with the help of teachers which says “green warrior”. They also enjoyed green colour chocolates.
Story Telling Activity - Children prepared a small story in English and narrated it in the front of their classmates.
Puppet show- A puppet show was conducted by the teachers for recapitulating the topic on Shapes.
Muppet show-The teachers enacted in a muppet show ,to teach children about oral hygiene and general hygiene.
Story Session- A story session was done for the revision of colours.
Assesments-The assesments were conducted for the final term report by the class teachers as well as the subject teachers.
Fire Drill- In order to prepare the children and the teacher for an emergency exit in case of fire,a mock drill was conducted very systematically.
Shreya Jain
Ishwari Mhatre
Aryaman Gupta
The New Year celebration included a class party followed by an activity of making greeting cards for their parents.
Children along with their class teachers  went to Wonder Park,Nerul for a School Picnic on the 10th January’14 and enjoyed the ride of toy train, swings ,slides and yummy snacks.
Children enjoyed shelling out the peas from the pod in the class on 15th January’14 and relished the delicious Peas Pulao the next day, prepared by the teacher in an electric cooker.
The Inter Class Colouring Competitionincluded colouring our National flag on 20thJanuary’14 to mark theRepublic day.They carried home a tricolour flag, bearing a message- I LOVE INDIA on the 24thJanuary’14.
Infant School report for the month of November
·         Show and tell activity was conducted in the Pre-Nursery class. The topic given was ‘Animals’. Children brought pictures/toys  of their favourite animal and spoke few lines about it. This activity was connected with the ‘Animal Week’ theme.
Infant school report for the month of October-2013
Festivals: The month of October started with the festival of ‘Navratri’. Children coloured the picture of Goddess Durga. Another week was celebrated as Diwali week. Teachers explainedto the children the significance of the festival. The Diwali party was held on the last day before closing for the vacations. Children came in party dress andenjoyed the snacks provided by the school.
Health week :To inculcate good eating habits in the children, ahealth week was organised. Each day children carried a food item of one particular element of our diet. The first day was ‘Protein day’ and the children brought items made of eggs,milk,pulses,etc. in their tiffin-boxes. The second day was carbohydrates daywhich was followed by fats, vitamins and minerals.
 Infant school report for the month of September-2013


The Ganpatifestival was celebrated with great  fervour.  Stories about ‘Lord Ganesha’ was told to the children and ‘Modak’ was prepared by the children with the help of teachers.

The assembly programme was held on 26th September which was infused with songs, dances, a musical skit and rhymes.  The tiny tots performed very well and the programme was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all present there.

Report for the Month of August 2013 : Pre Nursery
The month of August started with the first Assembly of Pre-Nursery. The Pre-Nursery children performed on a dance- skit on Eid, an action song on Independence day , a rhyme based on the Raksha-bandhan festival and a dance on Janmasthmi.
Eid:-The very first festival was Eid. Children coloured a picture in the book , had ‘meethiSevai’ and sang songs and rhymes about the festival.
Independence day:-Children coloured the National Flag. They made a paper-plate flower in tri colours , with the help of the art teacher. Pre Nursery children participated in themass assembly by dressing up as Freedom Fighters and also by being a part of the  group song.
Rakhi:- Children prepared paper Rakhi with the help of their teachers. They also did a colouring activity. Teachers tieda ‘Rakhi’ on the  children’s wrists, applied a red‘Tikka’ on the fore head, andperformed ‘aarti’ and after this they were givenchocolates.
Janmasthami:-GOVINDA AALA RE !! . Children celebrated the ‘DahiHandi’ festival  by breaking a hanging pot. Teachers told thechildren  the story of Lord Krishna and explained as to why we celebrate the festival. They also enjoyed the sweet given to them.
Blue Colour Week:- One whole week was celebrated as ‘Blue Colour week’. Children were introducedto the Blue colour. On ‘Blue’day the children came to school dressed in blue coloured dress. They did a colouring activity and went home happily wearing a blue coloured‘Paper watch’ made by teachers.
Rhymes and songs were taught for better retention . Teachers explained to  the children about how different festivals are celebrated in different ways . Related pictures, books and objects were shown to them.
Report for the month of July :Pre-Nursery
The children gradually settled down in school and the teachers started to engage them in differentactivities.
Circle Week:-Children were introduced toshape, CIRCLE . Teachers introduced ‘circle’ using drawing, pictures, flash cards and objects. The childrenlearnt  to draw a circle with water, crayons etc. They also coloured a circle in the activity book and later stucka small paper circle on it and fondly called it “ Suzy Circle”. Children coloured and made eyes for the Suzy circle and carriedit  home.
School Week:-Teachers took the children around the school and showed them different areas of the school, introduced them to different subject teachers, helped them memorize their school’s name and their class teacher’s name.
Rain Week:-Teachers spoke to the children about; the formation of grey clouds in the sky and how it gets converted into rainfall , about the food we should eat,  the animals we normally see, the colours of the Rainbow and how it is formed. Children,with help of their teachers, made corn bhel and enjoyed it.
Lots of rhymes and songs were taught. Children put on their raincoats and went for a  rain walk with their class teachers, enjoyed jumping in the puddle,watching the rain drops fall on the grass and on their faces.
Along with these activities children also practised for their very first assembly programme .
P.T:- Children practised indoor games like Yoga, Jumping, Hopping,  etc.
Art:- Scribbling followed by constructive standing and sleeping line .
Music:- Rhymes and songs on Rain. Practice for mass assembly
Dance:- Dance on monsoon song” kale megha “ from the film Lagaan.
Activity report of Pre-nursery for the month of June-2013
After a long summer break, children were back to school. The teachers helped the children to re-adjust themselves in the school environment. They engaged them in the day-to-day activities like colouring, craftwork, stories etc.
Colour: They were introduced to the colour ‘Red’. First they saw lots of picture objects which were red in colour, followed by colouring the Tulip and Hibiscus flowers in red colour. They also did a finger painting activity in which they had to colour a picture of an apple in red colour.
The pre-nursery teachers presented a skit on the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. At the end of the week the children enjoyed eating the red coloured ‘Felloro’ sweets.
All the subject teachers also helped the class teachers by settling down the children in their respective subject periods like dance, music, art, story-telling, activity, audio-visual and P.T.
Report of Pre-nursery for the months of April/May - 2013
Children joined the school in two batches, i.e the first batch on the 17th of Apriland the second batch on 22nd April.
They were welcomed with a welcome card stating “Welcome to Pre-Nur
Children were engaged in different activities right from the first day.
Story- telling, colouring , free play  in the garden were some of the activities in which they were actively engaged. Children also coloured a Strawberry, Butterfly, Tree, Flower and Duck. All the pictures were punched together along with a mother’s day card, to make a booklet. It was a gift to be given to all their mothers on Mother’s day.
Myself :- ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the cutest among them all’ and mirror screamed loudly ‘They all’. Children enjoyed this activity of looking into the mirror- alone, with friends, with the teacher and singing the song “ I am special, God made ME”. Concept of me and myself were taught to them with the help of this activity. It also helped them to become more aware about their gender.
    Summer Week :- Children enjoyed the  whole Summer week doing different activities  related to summer. Teacher spoke to them about the summer season and explained to them why they should not drink colas, instead they should drink lemonade. Children learned to make lemonade with the help of their teachers and enjoyed it. Summer is season of the King of fruits i.e. MANGO. Children coloured the picture of a mango and enjoyed eating summer fruits like Mango, Watermelon and Melon.
 Bubble day :- Teachers prepared a solution of soap and water to make bubbles. Children enjoyed blowing the bubbles and teachers introduced them to the concept of ‘Up and Down’ by showing the bubbles which were floating up and down.



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